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Here are some older interfaces - each item on this page is a preview. Most of the interfaces are animated, and to see the full interface, click on its image. Once again, to see the most recent interfaces that accompany webpages, vists my Portfolio section.

"GDS Rings" (Jan 1999)
Very cool interface, nice colors. This wsa designed to be a main page introduction interface, if I ever decided to use one for design purposes. The rings were done with creative eliptical selections. The front two buttons light up upon mouse over.

"Graphix Console" (Jun 1998)
This is a very old interface, and has many errors. Originally I tried to make it like one of those old TV stations. I like the colors and the screen, but the buttons are horrid.

"Square Face" (May 1998)
Despite being ugly and unattractive, this interface has some great animations to it. Each mouse over action plays a fairly showy animation in the center window. Unfortunatley all of the animations take a long time to load, so upon viewing this interface, be patient with the loading times.

"Fir Remote" (Mar 1998)
This interface is horribly outdated, but represents an iface type that I liked around the time of creation - those resembling remotes. The texture was created with EyeCandy's "fir" filter, back when those filters were popular.

"Aqua-4 GDS" (Mar 1998)
A very blue interface made in an hour. The buttons have the classic push down effect and nice shadows on them. The edges of the interface are very rough as I didn't know how to preserve edge smoothness at the time. The texture was made by me.

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