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Here are some fonts for your computer, for use with graphic designing, computer themes, or on your webpage (not reccomended). If you need help with installation, here is an excellent guide for font installation for PC and Macs. Font installation on linux can be tricky, but Gnome and KDE managers can usually walk you through the installation.

Under Attack
Filesize: 41K
A very fun and thick font useful for logo effects and cartoonish text.

Filesize: 48K
A grunge looking font that has good readability - this is one of the better grunge fonts I've seen.

Filesize: 6K
A good font that is constructed of squares, interesting for computer bitcode effects and other computer type looks.

Filesize: 18K
Very cool font that fades off to the right - that effect is built in. This works great for text that needs to look futuristic.

Scissor Cuts
Filesize: 16K
I use this from time to time - the letters have nice width to them so this can be used for text effects, or for large lettering. It gets hard to read at smaller sizes.

Grand Stylus
Filesize: 10K
Incredible font that looks like tag-art. This font is extremely well done and is very fun - I don't use it as often as I should.

Filesize: 16K
Non-conservitive font good for graphical text. The orientation of the characters switches often, which can look good if used correctly.

Filesize: 15K
A very well done oriental font. Has a good width to it, so it can be used for logos or regular text.

Filesize: 71K
One of my favorite fonts for text of all time - this font is very readable, and at the same time very stylish and fun. It has great letter support (supports uppercase, lower case, and special characters).

Filesize: 8K
An excellent, curvy font. Wide applications for logo and graphical design, but not for regular text, as it doesn't have lowercase letters.

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