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You can use these textures for practically any purpose, but they are most often used as the background of a site (using HTML) or used as the backgrounds of images. They can also be manipulated and used for interfaces, or the face of text. To see how to do a few of these applications, visit the Tips and Tricks section.

"Liquid Pool" (10 textures)
Image size: 7K
This image does not serve very well as a texture, and it doesn't tesselate well, but it does look good in a 1X1 square on its own (not repeated).
"Lit Stone" (10 textures)
Image size: 3.2K
Another very good stone texture, this one has very good detail and high quality. This texture does not need to be blended with anything.
"Stone Pebbles" (10 textures)
Image size: 6.5K
Very detailed texture, and it can have interesting looks with non-stone colors (such as purple, green).
"Metal Sheet" (10 textures)
Image size: 7.2K
Good for many metal / steel plate images.
"Dark Smoke" (10 textures)
Image size: 2.8K
"Acidic" (10 textures)
Image size: 4.3K
Very cool texture with good form, but it does not tesselate well.
"Inner Spiral" (10 textures)
Image size: 4.2K
One of my favorite textures - good definition with a fun shape to it. It looks good in all the colors.
"Ghost Imprint" (10 textures)
Image size: 1.4K
"Stone Marble" (10 textures)
Image size: 3.4K
Good tesselating texture, very universal. The colors match all types of actual stone/marble color combinations.
"Dark Mud" (10 textures)
Image size: 3.2K
Very dark texture, best used on a dark image as an overlay so it "highlights" certain parts of the dark image.
"Stencil" (10 textures)
Image size: 2.8K
"Paper Map" (10 textures)
Image size: 3.7K
Looks like paper; doesn't tesselate very well.
"ZigZag" (10 textures)
Image size: 2.2K
Very definitive texture, with a lot of contrast. Probably would be hard to use without it's opacity being blended in to something.
"Stone Shadow" (10 textures)
Image size: 1.1K
"Leafy" (10 textures)
Image size: 4.75K
Leafy texture, that tesselates very well, and is one of my favoriate textures. I've used it often in the past GDS website layouts.
"Soft Ripples" (10 textures)
Image size: 2.4K
Blurred ripple effect - looks like water, or something out of the twighlight zone.
"Mossy" (10 textures)
Image size: 2.5K
"Clouds" (10 textures)
Image size: 2K
Matted clouds texture - good for all applications

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